Portrait of Ella, the artist's Granddaughter. Oil on panel 16x14 inches 2014

Artist's note: I enjoy painting portraits as an alternative to still life for obvious reasons. Trying to bring a person's personality 'alive' is sometimes a real challenge and that is why it is important to have the full co-operation and enthusiasm of the sitter. Sittings can be as long as two hours and sitting still for that amount of time can be hard work and sometimes inconvenient. That is where photography can be very useful. My studies of Rembrandt and Frans Hals have helped me with my technique and to achieving the vitality of the sitter. Each portrait is unique from any other and so is worth all the effort in trying to achieve a good likeness and showing the 'real' personality. As mentioned, photography is widely used these days to speed up the process of portrait painting. That doesn't mean a facsimile of the photograph, what it does mean is that in addition to one or two sittings, the painting can be worked on without the necessity of the sitter being there. Of course having the real person sitting is the best option but this can be both time consuming and inconvenient. Photographs can also help establish a good composition and pose.

Portrait of 'Sophie' oil on panel 12 x 10 inches 2013
Portrait of Aaron Copeland, American composer, watercolour 1963 Oval size 3 1/2 x 2 3/4 inches.
Roy was commissioned by the PGA to paint the portrait of Tony Jacklin on the occasion of his Ryder Cup success in 1990. Here the artist is presenting Tony with his portrait at the Wentworth Club in Surrey.
'Portrait of Suzanne', the artist's daughter, oil on panel, 1981
'Portrait of Suzanne', the artist's daughter on her wedding day 1992 Oil on canvas size, 30 x 36 inches
'Portrait of a tomboy' oil on canvas 30 x 24 inches 1988
'Portrait of Fergie' oil on canvas, 14 x 10 inches, 1981
'Portrait of Tom' oil on panel 12 x 10 inches
Portrait of Ella, work in progress oil on canvas

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30.08 | 13:43

Very reassuring to hear of the successful removal of floaters. I have had cataracts removed from both eyes with good success but was told there was no remedy.

24.07 | 17:51

Hi Jillian

I'm afraid the painting to which you refer, was sold about ten years ago and I have no idea where it is now.

Sorry I can't be more helpful.

Roy B

24.07 | 16:13

Thank you for your interesting account about your eyesight. . I really like your painting of figs. Is it for sale?

22.10 | 03:31
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