Miniature copies

Doll's house paintings

Copy after Chardin

Copy after Winterhalter

The Haywain after Constable

Flower piece in the boudoir.

Up until about 9 or 10 years ago, I hadn't painted any miniature oils at all. All I had attempted were a couple of small portraits in water colour. However, my wife had bought a Doll's house in it's basic form and went on to develop it into an amazing miniature Country House. She furnished it with beautiful replica furniture and decorated it in authentic Georgian style right down to the wallpaper and flooring. As an accomplished lacemaker she was able to make wonderful items such as carpets curtains and even the dress for the lady of the house. 

When it came to giving her a Christmas present, I thought a few paintings wouldn't go amiss. I obtained the frames from a supplier and then produced the work to match the period (the paintings could be earlier but on no account could they be later) the paintings are in oil on ivorine, an ivory substitute, which is a smooth white surface, ideal for fine detail.

Below are my attempts at painting in miniature form.

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30.08 | 13:43

Very reassuring to hear of the successful removal of floaters. I have had cataracts removed from both eyes with good success but was told there was no remedy.

24.07 | 17:51

Hi Jillian

I'm afraid the painting to which you refer, was sold about ten years ago and I have no idea where it is now.

Sorry I can't be more helpful.

Roy B

24.07 | 16:13

Thank you for your interesting account about your eyesight. . I really like your painting of figs. Is it for sale?

22.10 | 03:31
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