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Two peaches with a silver cup, oil on panel 18x24cms
Pewter goblet with old glazed earthenware pot, a peach, plums and nuts, oil on canvas 30x40cms
'Pewter goblet, with old earthenware glazed pot, bottle with fruit and nuts'. Oil on panel 40 X 40cms.
'Belermine bottle with glass, plum, tangerine and walnuts'. oil on panel 30 X 40cm
Dusty port bottle

Personal Profile

Roy was born in London in 1935. He showed an interest in art at an early age and was drawing at the age of three. He went on to study at the London School of Printing and Graphic Art. His studies included life drawing, photographic retouching and graphic design. During his time in National Service, he designed a number of station badges for 90 Group H.Q at Medmenham in co-operation with the Royal College of Heraldry 

On completion of his short spell in the R.A.F he was introduced to a small advertising agency and was invited to take up a position in the art department as a general artist. His advertising career progressed through the next decade and came to an end at Masius Wynne Williams, one of the largest advertising agencies in London, where he was appointed art director. Among his many projects at the agency, he designed the chequered flag box for 'Kleenex for Men' tissues. He also coined the phrase, 'Cleans like a White Tornado' for Ajax scouring powder.

In 1964 Roy decided to leave the advertising world to resume his studies in fine art, a subject that was always dear to his heart. He had excelled at life drawing but now had an overwhelming desire to paint in the Old Masters style and to learn their techniques. He set up his easel many times in museums and galleries, copying finished as well as unfinished works. He read all the books he could find on old paint medium recipes, methods and techniques, experimenting all the time until he found the one that suited him.

He is influenced by artists of the Dutch Golden Age era such as Rembrandt and Hals for portraits together with Willem Kalf, Adriaen Coorte, Pieter Claesz, Willem Claesz,Heda and many more including the great French painter Chardin, for their still life works.

His motivation is to try and bring objects to life by carefully observing light and shade. The cast shadow or reflected light in a glass facinates him and he tries to capture the essence of everyday objects whether antique or modern. He believes any object even the most mundane, can be grouped to form an attractive composition. Roy uses only natural daylight to achieve his desired effects. 

While he loves the atmosphere created in the Old Masters style, he realises that one cannot live in the past and tries to combine traditional technique with a modern theme and look.

Roy limits his painting output these days to about six a year. He believes observation and rendition to be his primary objective in producing unique and carefully crafted works for discerning patrons. His work is in many international collections. 


NB This site is NOT a selling site but for information purposes only. My work can be seen at Red Rag Gallery in Stowe on the Wold and in the Panter and Hall Gallery in Pall Mall London.

Stone baked bread with small Belarmine pot
Savoy cabbage with eggs in old pot
Roy working on his 2001 exhibition which was held at The Barry Keene Gallery in Henley-on-Thames. The exhibition sold out.
Roy's exhibition at the Oakham Gallery in Bury Street, St. James, London in 2006. Mostly sold out on the evening.
Invited guests at the Preview evening of the 2006 exhibition.
Enjoying a glass of champagne at the 2006 exhibition

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30.08 | 13:43

Very reassuring to hear of the successful removal of floaters. I have had cataracts removed from both eyes with good success but was told there was no remedy.

24.07 | 17:51

Hi Jillian

I'm afraid the painting to which you refer, was sold about ten years ago and I have no idea where it is now.

Sorry I can't be more helpful.

Roy B

24.07 | 16:13

Thank you for your interesting account about your eyesight. . I really like your painting of figs. Is it for sale?

13.01 | 14:56
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